Magento 1.9 User Guide

Magento 1.9 Manual – PDF Download

Here at Creative Steam, we understand how frustrating it can be sometimes when you don’t know where things are placed in the back end of your ecommerce platform.

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for Magento users and for our clients who are currently on this platform.

Please feel free to download or view our version of the Magento User Guide.

Magento Guide Preview

Some of the most fundamental parts included within the Magento Ecommerce platform are comprised within the guide. Below you will find a list of topics discussed within the manual.

Contents of the Magento User Guide:

– 1. Creating Categories

– General Information
– Display Settings
– Custom Design
– Category Products
– 2. Creating Products

– 2.1 Simple Products
– attribute set
– Product type
– General
– Price
– Meta Information
– Images
– Design
– Categories
– Related Products
– Custom Attributes
– 2.2 Configurable Products
– Creative the drop down attributes
– Create the attribute set
– Create the configurable product record
– Add the associated products
– Manage shopping cart images
– 3. Creating Attributes

-Manage Label/Options
– 4. Creating Attribute Sets

– 5. Customer Groups

– 6. CMS

Download the PDF version of our Magento User Guide.